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January 12, 20207 min readShopping

100 Zero Waste Swaps for a Sustainable lifestyle


Zero Waste Swaps.

After you've evaluated your lifestyle and determined what areas could benefit from change, then you can start looking into products that will help you achieve your sustainable goals.

WAIT! Before you go running off to buy new stuff! I first want you to think about what you already own that you can use to live zero waste.

Because I've said it before and I'll say it again: the most sustainable thing you can do is use what you already have.

Then the next step is to see if you can upcycle something else to fit your needs (for example, clean a glass pasta sauce jar out and use that for a water bottle.) Then, to fill in the gaps, shop your second-hand stores first or see if you can upcycle something.

Then, as a last resort, buy your products new from these sustainable stores/companies.

You'll notice that most all of these links are sustainable e-commerce stores such as Earth Hero, Life Without Plastic, or to the direct producers such as Organic Basics.

These companies / eCommerce stores are paving the way for sustainable products and shopping. I love supporting their mission (why give money to Jeff Bezos when these awesome companies exist?)!

If you want to see the three online sustainable stores I trust to buy my stuff from, check out this post!

I hope this list will point you in the right direction!

*This post contains affiliate thinks! This means I make a small commission, but it does not change your price. Thank you for supporting me!*

On-the-Go Swaps

Insulated Thermos (I love Klean Kanteen because they're a certified B Corp and 1% for the Planet Member, and their products are incredibly durable!)

Insulated Water Bottle (check your cabinets first though, do you already have one tucked off in a corner? If not, then check your thrift store. If nothing piques your interest there, then consider investing in a high-quality insulated bottle - the insulation on this one keeps my water cold for hours, even when I leave it in the direct summer sun for hours.)

Cloth Hankie or a rag (great for mopping up spills, grabbing a pastry, or blow your nose!)

Bamboo Utensils in a Carry Case or second-hand utensils

Airtight Stainless Steel ontainer (for leftovers, snacks, compost, etc) or use an upcycled glass jar

Bamboo Straw

Spare Compact Tote Bag


Online Refillable Liquid Shampoo and Conditioner from Plaine Products

I LOVE Plaine Products! Environmentally friendly and effective products, zero plastic in their shipping, and their returnable and refillable business model is what zero waste dreams are made of. And, everything they make smells amazing.

Coupon code for you: 'Pfor20' fof 20% off at check out!

And if you want to know more about how to create a zero waste hair care routine, check this post out.

Refillable Body Wash or a package-free bar of soap

Organic Reusable Facial Rounds (to replace cotton balls, cotton pads, or makeup wipes when paired with a facial oil.)

Safety Razor or Leaf Shave Razor (I prefer my Leaf Shave Razor - read here why.)

Charcoal Tea Tree Face Soap

Natural Deodorants (in a compostable tube or a glass jar)

Natural Lip Balm in a Compostable Tube

Sustainable Makeup from Elate Cosmetics

Related: Zero Waste Makeup Companies sorted by Price Point

Biodegradable Hair Ties (or pick them off up off the street and thoroughly clean them)

Grocery Shopping

Reusable Cotton Mesh Bags or Reusable Recycled Plastic Mesh Bags to grab your produce or fill up with large items from the bulk bins

Glass Containers for fine bulk items (like flour or nutritional yeast) or liquids (like oil, peanut butter, syrup, etc.) You can also use upcycled glass containers!

Reusable Totes (use any that you already have or make some)

Related: How to Zero Waste Grocery Shop from Start to Finish


Bamboo Toothbrush

Compostable Floss (not vegan because they are made with silk!)

Stainless Steel Tongue Scraper (an underrated zero waste swap)

Biodegradable Cotton Swabs or Reusable Ear Pick

Refillable Body Lotion or DIY your own Whipped Body Butter (instructions here!)

Reusable Menstrual Cup or Organic Cotton Tampons

Daily Reusable Menstrual Liners or Compostable Organic Cotton Panty Liners

Bamboo Adhesive Bandages (to replace Band-aids)

Plastic Free Toilet Brush

Organic Bath Towels

Tushy Bidget Spray

Pivoting Squeegee made with bamboo and recycled plastic

Get Access to the Pforwords Free Resource Library

Zero Waste Office / Studies Swaps

Plastic-free Tape

Refillable Stainless Steel Fountain Pen (with a fine nib) or Refillable Natural Grass Pen

Recycled Plastic Gel Highlighters

Recycled ECO Composition Notebook

Compostable Phone Case

Recycled Rubber Erasers

Recycled Paper Sticky Notes


Bamboo Kitchen Basics (spoons and a spatula)

Bamboo Cutting Board

Reusable Beeswax Wraps

Related: 6 Sustainable Alternatives to Plastic Wrap

Organic Reusable Napkins

Plastic Free Potatoe Peeler

2-Tier Stainless Steel Tiffin

Silicone Snack Bag (to replace plastic bags)

Silicone Stretch Wraps (another one of my zero waste swaps! But you can also place over bowls to keep food sealed and fresh, and that one doesn't cost a penny.)

Airtight Weck Glass Jars for food storage or upcycle glass jars you already have (like peanut butter, pickles, jam, etc)

Organic Cotton Oven Mitt

Reusable Cotton Coffee Filters (I use this in my Chemex everyday!)

Glass Chemex with a handle, French Press, Coffee Dripper, or a Moka Pot for making coffee (I can normally find one of the last three options at a thrift store!)


Compost Bin Bags (3 Gallon)

Compost Bin Bags (13 Gallon)

Wood & Tampico Fiber Dish Brush

Plastic Free Brush for Cleaning Long Neck Bottles

Castile Dish Soap Block

Related: 4 Sustainable Dish Soaps

Dishwasher Detergent Pods or Powder Detergent

DIY All-purpose Cleaning Scrub and Spray

Reusable Latex Cleaning Gloves

Rags or Unpaper Towels


In addition to these swaps, you can green-ify your laundry routine by using your drier less! Not only will that save electricity, but it helps prolong the life of your clothes.

Eco Laundry Powder

Natural Laundry Stain Stick

Reusable Lint Brush


Normally, I shop second hand for most all of my clothes. I make exceptions for certain pieces I need for work or more personal pieces. So for undies, socks, bras, etc, I buy them from these stores!

Organic Cotton Thongs, Bikini Briefs from Organic Basics, or Thongs and Briefs from Pact

Organic Cotton Socks or Organic Cotton Cushioned Socks

Organic Cotton Bras

High-Rise Compressive Legging (Girlfriend Collective) or SilverTech Active Leggings (OrganicBasics)

Fleece sweatpants

Veja shoes

Rothy Flats


Organic Sateen Weave Sheet Set

Organic Cotton Pillow

Bamboo Eye Mask

Reusable Microwavable Heat Pad or DIY one here


Compostable Pet Waste Bags (or use any other plastic bags you acquire)

Dog Brush

Hemp Corduroy Dog Collar

Organic Dog Shampoo Bar

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