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August 15, 20197 min readTravel

Zero Waste Moving Tips

Zero waste moving - I'll admit that being sustainable does make moving a bit more complicated. Rather than just chuck out items into your bin when you discover them, you'll have to now consider how to properly dispose of those items. Or how you can…
January 29, 20197 min readTravel

How to be Zero Waste in Boston, MA

I’ve been living in Boston since 2013 when I came out here for undergrad. About 2 years ago (in the beginning of my senior year), I decided to go zero waste . It hasn’t been the easiest here in Boston, especially compared to when I was living in…
January 08, 20188 min readTravel

How to Travel the Zero Waste Style

Although I’ve flown around the world many times, even I still find it stressful. Between the strict limitations of airport security and the small size of carry on items, being zero waste while at the airport can seem like a daunting and tedious task…
December 29, 20176 min readTravel

Create a Zero Waste To-Go Kit for your Budget

Welcome to my post on my zero waste to-go kit! These are the 5 items I think everyone should have to live more sustainably. These 5 things are also what I thought were the easiest to change but also had the largest impact on my trash output. I’ve…
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