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February 18, 202010 min readEducation, Lifestyle

7 Tips to save water and your money

Saving water and saving money, two things I absolutely love. Preserving water is so crucial, and something I think is often disregarded because it seems plentiful. Unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth. Why is freshwater so important…
February 28, 201810 min readEducation, Activism

A Comprehensive Guide to Recycling Correctly

I’ve started to make a name for myself at my company as the eco-hippy. (I will say that our office is about 50 people so it’s not hard to stand out). People will come to me and ask if they can recycle their items and I will point them in the…
November 08, 20179 min readEducation

Introduction to a Zero Waste Lifestyle

To some who have never explored living a zero waste life, I can imagine that a zero waste lifestyle seems extreme and daunting. However, before I dive into how easy living zero waste actually is, consider how extreme it is if humans continue to…
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