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August 08, 20197 min readLifestyle

Affordable Clean & Sustainable Makeup Brands


Sustainable makeup made with clean ingredients is something that is super important to me. I don't want my skin absorbing toxic chemicals or for me to accidentally ingest something via my lip products.

As well, the conventional makeup industry has a laundry list of human rights violations and is terrible for the environment. Child labor abuses, forced labor, deforestation, and water pollution are just a few of the issues some of the large makeup companies are creating and contributing to.

But some makeup companies are trying to change that! So I wanted to create a list of sustainable makeup companies that are coming making their products with good ingredients and packaging them in sustainable containers (or no container at all!).

Bonus, I wanted to split them up by average price points so hopefully, you can find a products/company that fits in whatever budget you may have!

Not every company here will be perfect. But these are the few that I think are making awesome strides to be more sustainable while providing clean beauty items.

Sustainable Makeup Companies List Overview

Now, let's dive into the companies, what they offer, how they're sustainable, and what their price point is!

Having sustainable and clean ingredients in makeup is super important as our skin absorbs the chemicals in it. This is an extensive list of great clean and zero waste makeup brands at three different price points so you can find something that fits into your budget!

Cheaper Sustainable Makeup Companies

1. Dirty Hippie Cosmetics



Product Line:

Face: Concealers, BB creams, powder, foundation, highlighter

Eyes: mascara, powders, shadows, liners

Lips + cheeks: tints, scrubs

Misc: dry shampoo, beach spray, hair rinse, shampoo bar, perfumes, skin care


To my Australian babes, this one is for you! Made in Hall, Australia, dirtyhippiecosmetics provides vegan, cruelty-free, zero waste makeup products!

Plus, they ship with recycled paper only!

2. Clean Faced Cosmetics



Product line:

Face: blush, foundation

Eye: mascara, eyeshadow

Lip: lip balm, tinted balm


Handmade by Laura, Clean Faced Cosmetics focuses on vegan and mainly organic beauty items. “As of 2019, CFC is almost completely zero-waste / plastic-free! Hoping to get rid of the "almost" part this year.” Laura is also happy to refill empty containers, contributing to the rise of the circular economy.

3. Fat and the Moon



Product line:

Face: highlighter

Eye: coal, eyeliner

Misc: cheek & lip stains


Fat and the Moon specializes in small batch, handcrafted body care products. Items are made in recyclable metal tins!

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Moderately Priced Sustainable Makeup Companies

4. Faraday Face



Product Line:

Face: Blush, bronzer, setting powder

Lips: color

Eyes: eyeshadow, brow sculpt wax


Farady face is proud to be vegan, cruelty-free, non-toxic, gluten-free, plastic-free cosmetics. They also pledge to donate 5% of profits every day to The Ocean Cleanup project.

A little more about their packaging:

“Compacted into very thin aluminum pans, Faraday Face cosmetics are then fitted into paperboard palettes. The palettes are fastened closed with ribbon made of untreated Japanese linen. Palettes and pans can be recycled, the ribbon can be composted. For packing and shipping, Faraday Face uses materials that are recyclable and plastic-free. The cosmetics are padded with recyclable, undyed crinkle-cut packing material, and the recyclable boxes are sealed with paper tape.”

5. Zao



Product Line:

Face: bronzer, blush, highlight, powder, foundations, concealer

Eyes: primer, powder, shadow, liner

Lips: lipstick, primer, gloss


They package their products with harvested, renewable and sustainable bamboo.

Zao also has a refill system to cut down on unnecessary packaging.

6. Elate Cosmetics



Product Line:

Face: foundation, primer, concealer, powder, blush

Eyes: eye color, mascara, liner, brow balm

Lips: lipsticks, gloss, balm


Elate Cosmetics sustainable makeup products are made from bamboo, making it good for you and the environment.

They also have a refill program that allows you to cut down on unnecessary packaging. Every refill purchased is enclosed in our beloved seed paper. Simply wet, plant, and water!


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Bouji Sustainable Makeup Companies

7. RMS Beauty



Product Line:

Face: Foundation, blush, concealer, illumizer

Eyes: mascara, polish, shadow, liner

Lips: liner, lipstick, shine, balm


RMS is dedicated to creating a non-toxic make up line that also nourishes the skin.

Not only is their line good for the skin, it’s also good for the planet! Their packaging is minimal, consisting of either glass or metal.

I have used their concealer for years and love it! Although it’s a little pricey, it lasts me a long time, even with consistent use.

8. Axiology



Product Line:

Lip: lipsticks and crayons


Their lipstick boxes are sourced from Bali where the founder discovered a woman-owned recycled paper boutique. “The paper used in our boxes is collected from all over the island—from hotels, offices, and households—and is taken to a small factory. It’s then boiled down to a pulp, dried in the sun, and finally folded and decorated by hand.”  This helps trash reduction on their island which is a growing concern. The tubes are made from recycled aluminum. They can be recycled at the end of their life.

9. Vapour Makeup



Product line: 

Face: foundation, concealer, bronzer, illuminator

Lips: lipstick, gloss

Eyes: eyeliner, eye color

Misc: perfume


Vapour packaged their products in glass or aluminum. They also their products in Forest Stewardship Council certified paper stick, printed with vegetable ink.

The company is 100% gluten-free and certified cruelty-free by Leaping Bunny. All products are handcrafted in Taos were they use passive solar daylighting and wind power in their lab, office, and warehouse.

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Wrappin' it up!

I hope this list gave you some more options for clean, sustainable makeup brands for whatever budget you may have! It's crucial we wear makeup that isn't ladden with hidden toxic chemical because our skin absorbs a certain amount of whatever we put on it. Plus, I love that these companies are doing their part to help save the earth.


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Having sustainable and clean ingredients in makeup is super important as our skin absorbs the chemicals in it. This is an extensive list of great clean and zero waste makeup brands at three different price points so you can find something that fits into your budget!

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