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about taylor

Hello and welcome to my zero waste and personal finance blog!

When I first embarked on my zero waste journey, I expected to spend more money on this lifestyle. But after a year of being zero (or as close to zero as I can get) waste, I noticed I had actually saved money. A lot of money.

To help dispel the popular notion that being sustainable and eco-friendly is expensive, I wanted to create this blog to show how the opposite can be true.

why i'm zero waste:

I grew up in Colorado, playing soccer during the week and either hiking, biking, or skiing on the weekend depending on the season.

I was constantly surrounded by nature. And I took it for granted.

At 18 years old, I flew across the country to attend university in Boston. My limited access to the outdoors coupled with my new city boundaries and my heightened attention to the news made me realize how destructive humans were to the environment.

Trash littered every street. Rampant fires in California never seemed to cease. Hurricanes increased in intensity and frequency.

These were just a few things that started to weigh on me.

In the beginning of my senior year, I decided to do something.

I didn't have any political clout nor really any other influence on others.

What I did have were my own actions. So after hours of research, I decided to take measures into my own hands and start reducing my waste.

I certainly wasn't perfect, and still am not now. But now I consider the environmental impact of every decision I make and I consider that a win.

why i'm into personal finance

(and how that works with being zero waste):

Having just graduated from university in May of 2017 and starting my job in June, I have been uber conscious of how I spend and save my money.

As soon as I signed my employment contract, I made a budget. To ensure that my money was being well spent I started diligently tracking my spending and discovered a few things.

The first is that I spend way too on Indian takeout. I have no regrets.

But the second was that I saw a significant increase in my savings from when I wasn't zero waste.

I shocked both myself and my friends with these numbers and decided to document this journey.

So here's my diary. All my musings, ideas, inspirations, everything related to zero waste and personal finance has been wrapped up into this one platform.

Welcome! If you're interested in lessening your footprint print while saving some mullah, you've come to the right place! I look forward to sharing this journey with you!

reasons behind my name pforwords

  1. My last name starts with Pf (the 'P' is silent) so I wanted to keep a little piece of my identity in my blog name.
  2. Pf also stands for personal finance, which is a key focus of my blog and it's relationship to being zero waste
  3. Forwords, when said out loud, sounds like forwards, which is the direction I want to keep going in life. It acts as a symbol of progression
  4. The spelling of Forwords pays tribute to this page being a blog, essential a log of all my words
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